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Multi Media Medic is number one in TV repair in Washington, DC. All of our services begin with a TV repair inspection and diagnosis. When you first experience a malfunction from no power up, no display, display with no audio, a sequenced flashing led, to a constant relay clicking noise, we are here to help. That’s why the first stage of diagnosis is over the phone with our free consultation and preliminary evaluation. If you’re not sure whether it’s worth repairing, then we will always consider your best interest first and give you the correct advice. If your problem is resolved over the phone, there is no charge for this.

After we identify the problem with our diagnosis, Multi Media Medic will provide you with an accurate estimate. Our estimates Describe what the problem is with your TV, how long the process is going to take, and how much it will cost and if the estimate is on site, you are given credit for the evaluation charge toward the repair. You will also have 30 days to decide. Interested in Monitor calibration and white balance? Then we can provide that at a nominal charge.

As a certified TV repair company, Multi Media Medic is normally able to get the job done in one day.

In some instances, when a second trip is required, you still only pay for the one visit. We allow customers who do not want to pay for one of our parts to supply their own. This reduces the cost of your repair greatly, but it does invalidate you from the parts warranty.

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